Odd Circles is completely free.

Create your group or events. Use all features available on the platform. Once you decide you need more features to manage your community or event. You can opt for our simple subscription plans.

You only pay when you want to automate or scale your community to next level.

We operate with Tiered based pricing. You can use all available features on our platform until you need to scale your community.

What's included

  • Send emails to your group members
  • Member resources
  • Event & Group Photos
  • Members Subscriptions

Yearly Plan


Create My Group

We have simple pricing for everyone. Billed Annually.

Only if you are selling tickets for your events online.

We operate with very simple pricing for online ticket selling.

What's included

  • Send emails to your event attendees
  • Member resources & Event Photos
  • Sell Tickets Online
  • Members Subscriptions


6%(+stripe fee)

Sell Tickets Now

We are more options for ticket sales. If you are a corporate event organiser, get in touch with our sales team now.