Wondering how it works?

No problem. We have got you covered!

Plan events with ease, so you can enjoy them in peace.

We understand being a host is challenging. So leave the management part to us. Odd Circles will help you manage everything on the go.


How it works?

Everything you need to Start, Manage and Grow Your Community.

You can start your community with few clicks. And it doesn't cost an eye either.

Step 1

Create Your Group

Easily create your group on Odd Circles. Just provide your group name, choose a location and you are all set.

Step 2

Invite Members

Share your new groups url on whatsapp, facebook, twitter or even via email. We will promote your group in your city.

Step 3

Manage Members

If you spot someone breaking your group rules. You can always ban them or issue a warning.

Step 4

Host Events

You can create or copy events easily with few clicks. Host events with our all in one even hosting solution.

Step 5

Sell Event Tickets

Sell event tickets without paying any commision. We will only charge a fee to buyers.

Step 6

Charge Subscriptions Fee

Once your community is grown. You can start charging for a subscription fee to become a member of your group.